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Full Version: [CA11] Autohelm ST7000, Type 1 to Evolutiion
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We are ready to upgrade to a new Raymarine Evolution auto pilot on our Gozzard 36 Sailboat. The new auto pilot will be connected to our Raymarine Axiom 9.

Our existing auto pilot is as follows:
Control Head - Autohelm ST7000
Course computer - Autohelm Type 100
Autohelm Type 1 Linear Sail Drive
Raytheon rudder feedback
Fluxgate Compass

Can I utilize my existing Autohelm Type 1 Sail Drive and Raytheon Rudder Feedback? If so, which Evolution ACU do I need to purchase?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rich,

Indeed, drive units which were designed for use with Type 100 autopilot course computers may be retained for use with an evolution autopilot. Type 1 Linear Drives should be used with a T70155 EV-200 Sail Corepack.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
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