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Full Version: [DG11] AIS issue on ES95
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I have an ES95 networked via NMEA2000 and the Ng network to a class B AIS unit. I also have a Ray 70 with the AIS normally turned off. The AIS and VHF use a splitter.
A few days ago I updated to the latest Lighthouse version. I now regularly get an alarm from an AIS target which it says is the boat itself. It seems to occur when the target is assumed to be several hundred metres away. This is obviously not strictly possible. I turned off the VHF to eliminate that as a data source, but the error still occurs.
Thankyou for your enquiry below

Please can you advise which Class B AIS unit you are using? Can you also advise in which area you are cruising? We have seen this issue with some 3rd party AIS receivers which do not filter out the vessel's own MMSI, also the situation is made worse in areas of coastline where there are AIS repeater stations.


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