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Full Version: [CA11] VHF and MFD integration
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I have a RAY70 VHF and Axiom MFD.

It would be great if their integration was taken a step further. If I see a vessel in AIS that I'd like to call, I now need to write down their MMSI number, then dial it to the radio and send the DSC call.

A better workflow would be if I simply pressed a button on the MFD and it then asks for the traffic channel I'd like to use and then instructs the radio to send the DSC message. It is my understanding that some other MFD/VHF combinations from competition has this feature.
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Thanks for the product feedback. A feature suggestion has been logged to consider this feature for inclusion within future LightHouse 3 and Raymarine VHF radio software updates.

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The VHF/AIS/MFD would be a great add-on for safety as other manufacturers already have this feature. Sometimes calling another vessel quickly to avoid a collision, or an emergency would be beneficial. Especially not having to write down #'s to contact the other vessels. Would save steps, and valuable time.
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