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Full Version: [CA11] Screen covered with solid objects
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I have two E80 classics, DSM300, SR100, and RD424 Radome, all software is up to date, this problem just started as follows; when the range of 3 miles or less is selected the screen and targets appear to be operating properly but when I change the range to any distance from 6 miles or greater the complete screen becomes solid yellow except a very small radius at the ships position. I am not sure but it appears the scanner may also be rotating a little faster than normal. All the settings are in default and "Auto". I can clear the screen by manually adjusting the gain but by doing this I am unsure of its reliability to detect targets.
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The symptoms described are indicative of a failure within the radome's modulator circuitry. Unfortunately, Raymarine can no longer service radomes featuring analog video interfaces such as the RD424. Should you regularly operate your radar at ranges greater than 3nm, then you may want to consider replacing the radome and its cable with a RD418HD or RD424HD radome and a Digital Radar Cable.
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