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Full Version: [CA11] Installing an Evolution EV-100 Power Autopilot Pack ?
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I purchased a Raymarine Evolution EV-100 Power Autopilot Pack in spring of 2015 but had never gotten around to installing it. I'm about to do that now and would like to open a thread to explore a few details:

Is there any software update process?

The NEMA connectivity between my pair of Merc 60s and my plotter (GPSMAP 741xs) is already functioning. Should I expect problems and/or special care when installing to a system with that Garmin?

I've read other threads that leads one to think it's not a slam dunk process and am happy to apply some $$ for whatever handholding might be required.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Steve,

It is most definitely recommended that the software within the autopilot's ACU, EV-1 CCU, and p70R autopilot control head be updated prior to installing the autopilot. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how the software within these components be update when the system lacks a compatible Raymarine MFD. It is similarly recommended that you verify that the software within any third party marine electronics (ex. GPSMAP 741xs, etc.) be updated as well.
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