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Full Version: [CA11] Can I Convert Back to Lighthouse 2 from 3 on my E128>
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I thought I had waited long enough to upgrade to Lighthouse 3 on my ES128 and ES127. I updated all the Raymarine electronics with latest firmware and then today used the latest Lighthouse 3 software from the Raymarine website. The firmware loaded nicely but the MFD's no longer recognize that there is an AIS650 and also an Evolution autopilot. Believe it tried to recognize the autopilot. In the upper right hand corner there were only logos for radar and sounder.

I don't want to go through the almost year long effort it took to get all the equipment talking to each other 2 years ago. At least at that time Bill Jones came down to the boat twice along with my installer and finally figured out the AIS was causing the problem. AIS was working fine today with Lighthouse 2. Unless there is obvious reason with the AIS an pilot are not being recognized I would like to go back to Lighthouse 2.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum John,

The AIS650 as well as Evolution autopilots are indeed supported by and are compatible with MFDs running LightHouse 3 software. From an installation standpoint it would be considered to be a best practice that the MFD, AIS650, and Evolution Autopilot components be interfaced as individual spurs to a powered and properly terminated SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 backbone. It is also strongly recommended that all devices which have been so interfaced be updated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates to ensure proper operation of the system. The transducer status icon of LightHouse II was intended to alert the operator to whether the interfaced autopilot was compatible with the MFD's Autopilot Controls feature when this feature had been configured ON. The LightHouse 3 transducer status icons will not indicate the presence of an autopilot ... by design ... the LightHouse 3 Autopilot Controls feature is exclusively compatible with Evolution autopilots. When interfaced to an AIS650, the LightHouse 3 transducer status icons will include an triangular AIS transducer icon. It will additionally display an arrow pointing to the icon if the AIS650 is receiving data from AIS equipped vessels, and will additionally display an arrow pointing away from the triangular AIS icon transducer icon if the AIS650 has acquired a GPS position FIX and is not in Silent Mode.

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how one may downgrade the software within an eS/gS-Series MFD from LightHouse 3 to LightHouse II v19.03.

Noted that the problem was resolved after upgrading again to LH 3 after having downgraded to LH II.
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