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Full Version: [DG] ST60 Wind calibration problem
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I've tried for the second time to calibrate my ST60 wind gauge, and failed again.

The manual says to power up the instrument, then turn through two full circles, at which point the display will flash and beep three times to indicate that it is calibrated. Then I can press the two buttons to enter the calibration screen to adjust alignment.

So I followed the instructions as exactly as I can. First, I powered DOWN my Raymarine instruments, than powered them back up and proceed to turn THREE full circles. However, I never saw the display flash or heard the beeps.

What am I doing wrong?

I realize that with the ST4000 autopilot, I have to enter the calibration screen BEFORE doing the circles, but the ST60 manual clearly says to enter the calibration screen AFTER doing the circles. Is this a typo in the manual?
Dear Breakin Away

Thank you for your enquiry,

The two circles followed by the beep only happens when a brand new instrument which has never been installed before is first powered up and calibrated. Thereafter, the wind system constantly monitors the masthead unit and updates as and when necessary to linearise the output of the masthead unit to improve the accuracy of the display of wind angle. This linearisation of the wind transducer, then always happens in the background, no set up or special access mode is required.


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