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Full Version: [CA11] do i need to register RV100 separately from registering Axiom 9" 3D MFD?
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oh boy, it just dawn on me that I may need to register my RV100 transom mount transducer.
I didn't know I was supposed to register the RV100 transucer in addition to registering the Axiom 9" 3d MFD.
I bought both in a package with navionics+ card in November 2017, but I registered only Axiopm 9" MFD and Navionics+ only and didnt register RV100.

Now, I am having issue with my 3D display in my RV100? So, I am sending it into Raymarine for repair. Called 2 local dealers and both were too busy to take my repair order. So, I am going to mail it in and doing the on line repair request form today.

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum ray18,

The RV100 should indeed be separately registered. The product ID and serial number for the transducer are printed on the identification tag attached to the plug end of the transducer's cable.
OK, thanks.
You're welcome.
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