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Full Version: [CA11] CPT-100 started losing bottom
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Raymarine a78 MFD w/CPT 100 CHIRP transom mount transducer. System has performed flawlessly for a couple of years. Recently started losing the bottom at somewhere between 60-100'. Fortunately works fine in shallow waters for anchoring or near shore maneuvering.

Any ideas on what to check? The vessel is 30' Bayliner with outdrive. No changes have been made to the boat or systems since installation, and all did work well beforehand. The vessel is in the water and I have not been able to check if the transducer "kicked up" for some reason, but seems like it would completely stop functioning if that was the case.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions....

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum David,

The problem may quite well be resulting from a transducer which has kicked up. It would be recommended that the transducer be inspected to ensure that is has not kicked up and is locked into the down position by testing with a little upward pressure. Should the transducer not have kicked up, then please indicate whether the problem persists at trolling speeds or when the vessel is stationary.
Thank you very very much. Lifting the boat out of the water Friday to inspect - will advise. Appreciate the great support you provide your customers.
As expected, transducer had kicked up. Not much, but enough. Snapped back into place and all good. Thanks again or the guidance.
You're welcome.
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