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Full Version: [CA11] Replacing ST40 Depth Instrument
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My boat (2004 model) has an ST40 Depth with a display that has seen better days. Rather than going to secondary markets for a used ST40, will the i50 Depth work in its place?

I don't have a positive ID on the transducer, but the ST40 manual calls for an M78713, which looks to be supported on the i50. The i50 pinout looks the same with black, blue, and screen.

The intent would be to wire the transducer per spec, use an STng to ST cable (A06047), interfacing it to an open port in a 3-way ST block for power and comms to the ST data stream.

Is the proposed installation valid?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum mjoplin,

Your proposed solution is indeed valid. Please additionally note that Raymarine's i40 Depth Instrument would also be an option.
Thank you Chuck, much appreciated.

FYI, I followed the FAQ you had set up for replacing older Autopilot heads (on a type 150 AP) with the P70R. Works like a champ and a much nicer display.
You're welcome.
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