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Full Version: [CA11] CPT100 transducer troubleshooting
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I have a Cpt100 connected to my es78 that has been intermittently showing no depth display. The other day it stopped working on a cruise so I stopped the boat and checked the transducer for weeds or if it wasn’t positioned correctly. All looked good so I tapped it gently with my boat hook and it started working again for the remainder of the day. The next day I lost depth information twice but it came back on after a bit on its own. This has been going on since I installed it in 2016. I’m thinking it’s the transducer failing and not mounting issues, since its failed with the boat not moving eliminating turbulence, and sometimes works with out any problems even at 17kts for several days. Any suggestions before I contact warranty service? Thanks in advance .
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Should the symptoms occur when the transducer is free of marine growth, locked in the down position, and boat is either drifting or operating a trolling speeds, then it may indicate a failure within the transducer within the MFD's internal fishfinder circuitry. If sending the transducer to Raymarine’s Product Repair Center to be bench checked / serviced, it is recommended that you additionally consider sending the MFD in as well to have it tested.
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