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Full Version: [DG] What were the transducers compatible with the c120?
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Hello I was wondering what transducers were compatible with the C120?

Or what would be recommended to use with that unit (if I get to find it).
Hi Danipips,

Thank you for your enquiry,

Assuming that you are referring to the C120 Classic display, depth and speed transducers cannot be connected direct to the display, you will have to use an i50 Tridata and connect the Depth and Speed transducers to the i50 display and then, using the i50 in SeaTalk mode, (rather than STng) you can connect the i50 to the C120 and display depth and speed in data boxes in the top menu bar.

The C120 will only connect to a DSM300 sonar module - or to an Analogue radar antenna - both of which are no longer manufactured.

The C120 will require an external GPS antenna and this will be the RS150, which together with an E22158 STng to SeaTalk converter will provide GPS position data to the C120.

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