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Full Version: [CA11] P70 and ST60's and NMEA 2000
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We are trying to get data from a series of ST60 instruments into a P70 and also get waypoint info into the P70 from a Garmin 740. We are having no problem with the communication between the Garmin and the P70 (connected into STNG backbone with adaptor cable) but we get nothing from the ST60's. We have tried both plugging the ST60's via the Seatalk1 to Seatalkng adaptor cable directly into the P70 as well as trying a seatalk1 to seatalkng gateway plugged into the backbone. We would also like the data from the Garmin (ideally SOG, COG) to go through to the ST60's as well. Any ideas on what we are missing? Thanks,
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Has the p70 autopilot control head been installed as part of an Evolution autopilot system?
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