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Full Version: [CA11] Sailboat System Upgrade Selection Review
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I am upgrading my systems on my sailboat which I cruise on about 4 months per year. My radar and VHF radio have stopped working. Therefore, I am contemplating purchasing new equipment. Attached is my new system diagram. Any comments you have will be appreciated.
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Please note that the DSM300 and DSM30 are not compatible with MFDs running LightHouse 3 software. It is recommended that the DSM300 be replaced with a CP370 to provide similar fishfinder features to those previously provided by the DSM300. Raymarine offers the A80160 SeaTalkhs (F) to RayNet (F) Adapter to permit the currently installed SeaTalkhs Cable to be adapted to be mated to the Ethernet Network socket of the CP370.

Please note that the ST-STng Converter is not supported for use with the Type 100/300 Autopilot Course Computers. The following diagram changes would be recommended:
- disconnect the SeaTalk connection between the ST6xxx AP Control Head and the ST60 instrument and RS125 GPS Sensor
- connect the NMEA 0183 Port 1 output leads of the MFD to the NMEA 0183 input terminals of the Type 100/300 Autopilot Course Computer
Thank you, Chuck. I have made the modifications you suggest plus included a basic diagram of the cable for the radar which is located about 12M up the mast. Please take a look and let me know if I am missing anything. The radar cable is to be located in a 3/4" tube within the mast.

The diagram looks great. For your own use, I would recommend that you annotate the diagram to specify that the power circuit supplying the radome will feature a switch which will permit the circuit to be switched ON/OFF without affecting the power state of the other equipment.
Thank you. It occurs to me that I could replace the depth temperature sensor with a DST800 to replace the ITC-5 and save quite a few bucks. Perhaps my speed sensor would work better too, it has never been consistently accurate. Do you see any problem with this idea?

From a performance standpoint, it has been our perception that systems featuring a separate depth transducer and separate speed/temp transducer yield better depth and speed performance. Unlike the ST60/ST60+ instruments, the i70 w/iTC-5 supports multipoint speed calibration, which should improve speed performance across a range of boat speeds. Naturally, this is dependent upon having a properly functioning speed/temp transducer and the current transducer should be replaced if it is not functioning properly. Airmar has also introduced a new line of NMEA 2000 ultrasonic speed transducers.
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