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Full Version: [CA11] St60 interface
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I updated my instruments this Spring, adding an Axiom7 and EVO wheel autopilot. The existing wind, depth, and speed instruments are ST60's from around 2000, and they are interfaced through the E22158 ST1-STng converter. Everything was working fine until a week ago when the ST60 wind instrument started giving bad wind speeds. The true wind speed on the Axiom 7 and the P70 are correct, so wind and speed data must be getting through. However, the ST60 wind instrument showed low and negative numbers for apparent and true wind.

I recalibrated, but that did not solve the issue. Any thoughts?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Chuck,

It is recommended that you verify that the ST-STng Converter, Axiom MFD, and Evolution autopilot components, and any other SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 devices not listed all be checked to determine their current software level and that any which are determined to not be operated with the latest available Raymarine product software updates be updated accordingly. Should the problem persist thereafter, then please note that we haven't received any similar reports. Accordingly, I recommend that you attempt to fault isolate the problem temporarily disconnecting the ST60s from the ST-STng Converter, powering the ST60s, and then testing their performance. Should the problem persist when so tested, then it would appear that the ST60 Wind instrument has suffered failure. Please be aware that Raymarine's Product Repair Center can no longer service ST60 instruments, necessitating that the ST60 Wind instrument be replaced with an i60 Wind instrument or with an i70S MFID and an iTC-5. Should the problem abate when tested in the manner specified, then please respond accordingly and include Diagnostics_.json file for your system. Please execute the following command on the Data Master MFD and then attach the file produced to this thread for further analysis:
- HOME->SETTINGS->NETWORK->DIAGNOSTICS->PRODUCT INFO->SAVE DATA) ... saves product info into a file titled Raymarine/My Data/Diagnostics_.json on the microSD memory card
I did update the software from the Axiom 7 when The boat went into the water this Spring. And after doing so, everything was working. Note again that I am getting accurate True wind information on both the P70 autopilot display and on the Axiom 7, so the wind sender must be working.
I am seeing a VMG label on the instrument when there is no waypoint entered. Does that also suggest failure of the ST60 instrument?

The reported condition would be normal if the VMG button is pressed. If the DISP button is press it would be expected that the wind instrument would cycle through the
DISP button flow chart (see page 3 of the ST60+ Wind Owner's Manual) with each press of the DISP button. Should your ST60 Wind instrument not performing in the manner which I have specified, then it would indeed appear that the instrument has suffered a failure.
Thanks Chuck

It does appear that the instrument has failed. I ordered a Raymarine i50/i60 Wind/speed/depth package today that should solve all my problems. Thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
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