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Full Version: [DG] ST-60 Plus wind display
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I have a ST-60 Plus wind display. Initially when I turned it on I had three dashes. After recycling the power the dashes disappeared, but I have no speed and the direction is fixed to about 20 degrees starboard. I completed the voltage test at the back of the control head and at the bottom of the mast. All voltages are present and within tolerances but the green and blue terminals are a steady 5v dc, with the cups rotating moderately. Apparently this indicates I'm not getting the signal voltages from the transducer, and these voltages are generated by the transducer alone and are independent of the display.

I have yet to climb the mast to check the connection...that's next. I'm concerned about the display as well. When I go through the on/off procedure it reads F0, L3, P3,P2,P1. I cannot find a reference to the readings in the manual. At this point it seems clear that if the connection at the masthead is clear the transducer needs replacing, but what is the troubleshooting procedure for the display?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi Charles,

If you have followed the tests described here , this will confirm the issues with the masthead unit.

I don't recognise the different displays you have listed, they seems to be a combination of illumination settings as factory reset!

The display should be sent to our service repair facility for further investigation
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