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Full Version: [CA11] Not Reading a SD with Garmin Files
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I have just purchased a new Raymarine Dragonfly Pro 7.
I have an SD card with my old Garmin Way Points and Tracks.

I want to retrieve these essential Way Points and Tracks on to my new Raymarine Dragonfly Pro 7. How do I do so? Please out line the specific steps required.
Also, how may of the Way Points and Tracks from my old Garmin SD card can I save to my new Raymarine?

Thank You
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum etamson,

Like Raymarine's MFDs running LightHouse II / 3 software, Dragonfly displays operating with the latest software are designed to support importing and exporting waypoint and track data via files which utilize GPX file format. Should the third party product not produce a GPX file, then Please click here to view a FAQ addressing how to produce a GPX file from the third party product. Should the third party product have produced a GPX file and should it fail to import into the Raymarine product, then the problem would most typically be the result of a constraint error within the GPX data, necessitating that the waypoint data be changed to satisfy the constraints of the Raymarine product. Dragonfly displays will support microSD cards having capacities up to 32GB which have been formatted with a FAT32 or NTFS file system. Should your GPX file have satisfied the items indicated within this response, should the display's memory card reader be operational, and should the problem persist, then please attach your GPX file to a response to this thread for further analysis.
Good Morning Chuck,
Thank you for responding to my post.
I attempted to attach my SD file and could not do so because the Raymarine forum attachment limit is far less than my 7.31 GPX file.
I greatly appreciate your help and support.

Many Thanks

Ed Tamson

That is indeed a very large GPX file and may be indicative of having exceeded the constraints of a Dragonfly display for number of waypoint or routes. Again, it is recommended that you review your data to ensure that you have not violated the constraints called out within the previously referenced FAQ. I have increased the size of GPX files supported by this Forum to 8MB. Should your GPX file have satisfied the items indicated within my previous response, should the display's memory card reader be operational, and should the problem persist, then please attach your GPX file to a response to this thread for further analysis.
Thank you the quick response and increasing the Forum quota to 8MB.
I have attached the file for your review. Please note that these our a diversity of Garmin tracks and waypoints for the Everglades National Park. Yes I need to sort through them, delete unnecessary Tracks/Waypoints. I will require probably 33% of the tracks and nearly all of the Waypoints. In short the everglades is a difficult area to get around and my tracks and waypoints are essential.

I am willing to do whatever is necessary for my Raymarine to be able to utilize these tracks and waypoints.

Ed Tamson
956 772 1212
Naples, Florida

Your waypoint name "2",PRIV AID,PA within one of your routes violates the constraints specified within the previously referenced FAQ. Removing the quotation marks and commas from this name should permit the waypoints to complete importing. Please additionally note that while tracks are supported by Dragonfly displays, routes are not. Regarding your tracks, the data within your GPX file (206 tracks) violates the constraint for the maximum number of tracks (15) specified within the previously specified FAQ.
Thank you Chuck.
How do I open the file make the changes you recommended, view my tracks and delete all but 15 and keep the Waypoints?

Unfortunately, training someone in the file formatting and use of computer tools is beyond the scope to the support which we can offer. The are some third party computer based navigational planning tools (ex. Raymarine Voyage Planner, GPS Utility, OpenCPN, etc.) which are designed to import/export GPX files and support editing of data ... I'm fairly certain that Garmin also offers such a computer based navigational planning tool. Should you know someone who has some computer skills and/or experience with editing GPX files, it would be a relatively simple task to use Notepad (tool common to PCs running a Windows operating system) to make the change required for the problematic waypoint name. Similarly deleting the tracks in excess of the specified fifteen track limit is a fairly simple task. The most challenging task, and only one which you can yourself perform is to identify which fifteen tracks of the two hundred six tracks you will want to use with the Dragonfly display. That said, if using a computer based navigational planning tool, then it would be possible to use the tool as the library for all of your waypoints and tracks, and then periodically export a GPX file for use with the Dragonfly display containing the waypoints and tracks which were required for that period of operation.
Thank you Chuck
I appreciate your help, support and recommendations.

I have decided to upgrade and purchase a Raymarine Axiom which will give me the route and tracking features I really need.

Any advise on what model might work best from you would be appreciated.


The Axiom 7 DV offers the same fishfinder features supported by the Dragonfly 7, but offers significantly greater functionality with respect to chartplotting features and ability to configure the MFD's appearance, settings, and data displayed to suit one's needs. As you have indicated MFDs also offer support for routes, which are not supported by Dragonfly displays.
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