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Full Version: How to get a dew point temperature on ST70 and i70s instruments
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Dear Raymarine team!

We have an issue with ST70 and i70s instruments.

We use a Yacht Devices Humidity Sensor YDHS-01 to provide a Dew Point temperature data via
- PGN 130312 "Temperature" with "Temperature Source" = 09 ("Dew Point Temperature")
- PGN 130316 "Temperature, Extended Range" with with "Temperature Source" = 09 ("Dew Point Temperature").

YDHS-01 is also capable of transmitting temperature and humidity data in 130311 "Environmental Parameters" PGN.

However, both ST70 and i70s instruments show dew point value as "—".

From the i70s instrument "Installation & operation instructions" I can see that 130312 and 130316 PGNs are currently not supported by i70s instrument.

So I assume that the dew point temperature is a calculated value based on the humidity and temperature values given in 130310 and 130311 PGNs.

PGN 130310, on the other hand, is not supported by YDHS-01, so the only PGN which is available on both devices is 130311 "Environmental Parameters".

Unfortunately, I could not find the supported PGN list for ST70 instrument.


Does ST70 support PGN 130311?


Will the support of the 130312 and 130316 PGNs and the "Dew Point Temperature" Temperature Source be added in the future firmware updates for i70s?


Is a dew point temperature calculated by the instrument? Is it based on the humidity and temperature values given in 130310 and 130311 PGNs?


Is there is a possibility to setup ST70 and i70s instruments to use 130311 PGN temperature and humidity data to get a dew point displayed?


We can change "Temperature Instance" and "Humidity Instance" data fields of 130311 PGN on YDHS-01 and set both as "Inside Temperature/Humidity" or "Outside Temperature/Humidity".
Does those setting affect a dew point indication? Which settings are correct?

Thank you, waiting for reply.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum neko-koneko,

There appears to be a software defect within the v3.11 i70/i70S MFID software as well as within the final ST70 MFID software update which is preventing these MFIDs from displaying Dew Point included within PGN 130311 Environmental Parameters. The same PGN stimulus has been determined to correctly populate the Dew Point data items within MFDs running LightHouse II v19.03 and LightHouse 3 v3.6.32 software. A problem report has been logged to seek correction of this problem within a future i70/i70S MFID software update.
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