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Full Version: [DG] ST60 Wind Speed Calibration
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I have Raytheon ST60 instruments (circa 2001) and recently replaced the masthead transducer.

As per your comments "The hemispherical cups are more efficient and rotate about 30% faster. So if you had the earlier style transducer, the windspeed will over read by about 30%, this can be corrected in the wind speed calibration of the instrument display "

This is exactly what is happening and I downloaded the instructions on re-calibrating, but I can't seem to get it to work?? i.e. the instructions reference .7, but I can't get the .7 to come up.

Just wondering if the Raytheon ST60 has a different calibration process than the Raymarine ST60 does?? Please advise.
Hi Drew
Thank you for your enquiry.

The ST60 displays had the speed calibration capability, you need to access the Dealer Calibration as follows

Press DISP and TRUE/APP buttons exactly together and hold them down for 12 seconds until the display changes to DLR
As soon as DLR appears, release these two buttons and immediately 'stab' or momentarily press the VMG and TACK buttons exactly together, the display will change to UC1

Press the DISP button 4 times until the current wind speed is shown.
Press VMG and TACK buttons momentarily to select the Speed calibration factor and then adjust it with either the VMG or the TACK button
once value is corrected, press and hold the DISP and TRUE/APP buttons exactly together for 2 seconds to exit calibration and store.

this is also covered in Section 4.4 Dealer Calibration of the handbook

Thanks for the info Derek. I attempted to re-calibrate it last night and when trying to adjust the Speed calibration factor to 0.7 as stated in the instructions, it wouldn't allow me to go lower than .75. When compared to the boat next to me, the wind speed was still reading about 1 knot faster on mine, in approx 5 knots of wind. Do you know why it wouldn't go lower than .75?
HI Drew,

The older ST60 preceded the hemispherical cups by too many years and so at that time the wind cal was not expected to need such a large change in calibration, so the adjustment range was limited. ST60+ displays had a wider range to include 0.7.
Great information Derek, that explains it. Can you tell me if and i60 wind display would "plug and play" with the rest of my ST60 system and calibrate to 0.70, or would I need to install a Seatalk to Seatalk NG converter?
HI Drew

Thankyou for your enquiry,

The i60 will connect in to the existing ST60 system, note the ST60 use the 'flat' style 3 pin SeaTalk connectors, whereas the i60 uses the round STng style connectors, you will need to use a D244, three way SeaTalk connector block and an A06073 Stng to SeaTalk cable to connect it all up
Thanks for the info Derek, that's the way I will go.

Hi Drew,
Your'e welcome
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