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Good morning, I am a new member of this forum.
On my sailboat I have a raymarine hd digital radome connected to a multifunction E7 display that is also connected to other raymarine instruments like wind, autopilot, AIS and tridata.
The radar was mounted 5 years ago and worked normally but since 2 years happens the following: while the radar is working normally suddenly appears "radar not connected". The problem appears more and more frequently. The radar returns to normal working randomly.
I asked the local raymarine dealer to check the radar but he was not able to understand the reason of the problem.

Thanks in advance
HI Anchordolphyn

Thankyou for your enquiry,

the symptoms would suggest a cable fault is most likely, ring out the cable looking for damaged or fatigued cable cores, maybe loose connections, perhaps a faulty or loose joint at the mast foot maybe the cable is joined there to allow the mast to be removed?

If all this checks out, then look at the radar antenna and likely an issue with the Mod PCB inside the antenna.
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