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Full Version: Quantum not connecting by data cable to Axiom displays
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I recently received my Quantum Radar back from repair. It now works using WiFi but when I attempt to connect using the data cable (A80275) the Axiom does not see it. The data cable is connected to a HS5 Switch which is connected to an Axiom 7 and Axiom 9. I bought a new data cable but it still doesn't work. I updated the software for the Quantum and Axiom to the newest version that came out in July. Is there any trick to get the Axiom to see the Radar? I prefer to use a cable instead of WiFi.
Hi jmcjmc817,

Does the port on the HS5 that the Quantum is connected to have a flashing green LED? Or, does it show activity? If it does not, then there is something wrong with the recently repaired Quantum.

- Dave
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