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Full Version: [CA11] will dragonfly pro 5 have federal water boundry line?
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will dragonfly pro 5 have federal water boundry line?

I would like to know when I'm in federal waters in the gulf of mexico (past the 9 mile mark) the pro5 came w/ navyonics map. yet to try it out.

also when I turn on the dragonfly pro 5 to program coorinates/plot course ect. must the transducer be submerged in water to prevent over heating?
Thanks Steve
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum Steve,

The feature which you have inquired about is one which is based within the Navionics Nautical Charts. When questions concerning cartography detail are raised concerning Navionics cartography, I generally refer customers to the Navionics Chart Viewer web page where customer may view the exact nautical cartography detail shown. Within the Mobile area, it appears that the Nine Nautical Mile Line is shown.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2242]

It is recommended that transducers not be operated for extended periods of time when not submerged. Unlike MFDs, Dragonfly displays do not have a ping disable/enable setting. However, enabling the display's Simulator (TOOLS & SETTINGS->SYSTEM SETTINGS->SIMULATOR) will halt transducer pinging to then permit use of the display when the transducer is out of the water. Please click here to view a related FAQ addressing this subject.
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