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Full Version: [CA11] Boat icon is too big
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Since last software up grade, it seems like the ship icon was enlarged. At some scales the icon is almost the size of the water body I’m sailing on. i don’t see a way to changed the size or scale of the icon, sometimes the ship icon covers important information on the a7 chartplotter! I thought changing the type of vessel might help but it didn’t.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Cat30,

When operating with the latest available Raymarine product software update, the Chart application's own vessel icon's size may be configured via the command sequence MENU->PRESENTATION->OVERLAYS->BOAT SIZE. Detailed information on this subject may be found within Chapter 14.10 - Vessel position on the chart
display of the LightHouse II Release 19 Operating Instructions.
Perfect, thanks
You're welcome.
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