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Full Version: [DG] Wireless Wind System
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My T101 wireless wind system has worked perfectly for 6 years. Now the mast head unit will not communicate with display until brought down to halfway up the mast.
Have had recent problems with mast head unit not holding charge overnight sailing.

Will a new T120 mast head unit communicate with my existing T112 display, and how do I get them to work together?

My mast is 60 feet high.
Hi peter19

Thankyou for your enquiry

It is likely the batteries in the masthea dunit are no longer fully recharging or may not be holding a full charge, the batteries can be replaced, Raymarine part number TA125.

A brand new masthead unit will be able to be networked to the existing display that you have, if you wish to replace the complete unit if replacing the batteries does not work.

I would add that at 60ft, the mast is at the top end of the suggested maximum range, although range can be affected by many things and so if you have had good performance previously, then this should continue, unless there ahve been other changes onboard to interfere or attenuate the wireless signal
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