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Full Version: Blue corrosion on DF6 plug
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I just noticed some slight copper corrosion on two of the holes of the plug. Safe cleaning suggestions? Was going to spray with electronic contact cleaner that is safe for plastics. Since boat is used in ocean bays and rivers, would applying a small amount of silicon grease (dielectric) be appropriate? I don't want to have to replace transducer for a bad cable. Thanks,

Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bill,

Raymarine does not recommend any specific contact cleaner for the specified purpose. Should the display remain connected to the power/transducer cable throughout its life, then the seal should prevent any corrosion to the plug's female pins. However, should the display be regularly disconnected to the power/transducer cable, then it would be recommended that dielectric compound (ex. Dow Corning DC4) be applied to the pins of the power/transducer cable and that a power/transducer cable boot be installed when not the display will be unplugged from the cable. Should your Dragonfly display not have been supplied with a power/transducer cable plug boot, then please respond accordingly.
Thanks, yes I have the twist on cap/boot. I put it on each time I remove the cable from unit. I don't leave cable hooked to unit even though boat stays in garage. I was thinking that the cap may be holding some moisture and now leave off. I will use the recommended dielectric and re cap. Thank you again. Bill
You're welcome.
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