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Full Version: [CA11] Lighthouse 3 Exported Track Info Not What I Expected
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I was interested in analyzing track history data, so I exported the existing, extended duration track from my Axiom 7 MFD. I imported the exported data into Coastal Explorer and saw the track on the chart.

When I looked at the properties of the track the track was shown to be ~78 NM long, but 0 duration. With that strange circumstance, I opened the exported track file with Notepad, and saw that each of the track data points consisted of data labelled as Lat-Lon of the point (which seemed correct), water depth (which didn't seem right), and water temperature (which generally made no sense). There was no date and time, which I needed to have the string of data make sense of what was happening when.

So did I do something wrong when I exported the data? How do I get position, time, location and water depth as part of the track info? Or is there some setup screen which I have not yet found?



As has been reported within the Forum, the only attributes saved with track points are depth and water temp. The track feature has never recorded date / time data with track points. Until this time, the track feature has simply been a mechanism by which an operator could record the actual track taken by the vessel so that it could be followed at some future point or used by fishermen to track the movement of the vessel relative to an area being fished. A feature request will be submitted to consider the addition of this feature within a future LightHouse 3 software update.

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Thanks, Chuck.

You're welcome.
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