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Full Version: [CA11] Data retrival from retired MFD
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I have a Raymarine C90W mfd, that I wish to retrieve a track from.
I have read the recommendations regarding FSH to GPX conversion in various threads, and I have downloaded the Raymarine FSH to GPX converter.

From the C90W, I save all tracks to an empty Compact flash Card.
I then put the CF Card in a win 10 PC.

I open the Raymarine converter, and follow the dialogue, using the CF as destination for the converted file.

After completion the final dialoue box says:

"successfully converted: FSH File: G:\archive.fsh To GPX File G:\spor2.gpx" "OK"

However, when checking G:\ ,only the original archive.fsh file is visible.

Also tried on a win 7 PC with the same outcome.

Please help!

kind regards
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Rune,

Please attach the problematic archive.fsh file to this thread for further analysis.
Thanks for reply,- here is the file:

Your supplied archive.fsh file contains no waypoint or route data ... hence, no GPX file was produced by the tool.

It is a track that I wish to export from the C90W.

At some point I ran a "parsefsh" on the file from "terminal", and this indicated some information was stored there. Perhaps track segments not connected. The parser however was also unable to create a GPX file.

Could you try the archive.fsh now attached?

It is a few days older version.

The FSH to GPX Converter Tool has not been designed to support tracks. This tool is limited to producing GPX files containing waypoint and route data.
Hello again

Voyage Planner apparantly also lacks this functionality, just like the FSH to GPX converter.

In Voyage Planner "Help" it is stated that waypoints and routes can be transferred, but that tracks are not supported in FSH format. Tracks on retired MFD's may also be of interest to costumers. Not just waypoints and routes. I bought the Voyage Planner software under the assumption, that it also could manage this small task.

Please Raymarine:

Include Track transfer in FSH format in next update of Voyage Planner!!

Kind regards Rune

Thanks for your feature request. It will be logged accordingly for consideration to be included within a future Voyage Planner software update. As a workaround, the Archive.fsh file may be imported into a MFD running LightHouse II v13.37 software. The MFD may then be commanded to export the track(s) and a GPX file will be produced accordingly.

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