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Full Version: [CA11] Super hd radar help
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Hey guys time to pick your brains. I just upgrade from dual e120s W/ open array 4kw analog radar to dual es128s with 4kw super bf Radar open array. I knew my old system well and could find my radar to show very good detail and birds. With the new super hd I’m having problems picking up buoys and boats I can see well with the naked eye much less birds. The different modes (harbour, offshore, coastal, bird etc) do change my targets a littke but if I want to see a Boat on my radar at distance I have to use bird mode. Is there something I’m missing? I’m not a novice on radars....not an expert by any means but I do a lot of night running. Any input is welcome. Thanks!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Spearbimini,

Have you tried manually increasing the Gain until you see slight speckling of the radar screen? After doing so, does the problem persist?
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