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Full Version: [CA11] No wind apparent in new i60 system
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I just installed a new Wind System Pack i60, connecting it to the current Setalkng network (es70MFD & P70 ACU100 + EV1) and can not give information about apparent wind. I would like you to advise me on possible causes of the failure.
Thank you.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum venceba,

Please be more specific regarding how you have interfaced the i60 Wind instrument to your system (i.e. Has it been daisy chained to another device? Has is been interfaced to a T-Piece within the backbone? Have you spliced any SeaTalkng cables? Have you installed the Power Cable supplied with the i60 Wind Instrument?). Is the i60 Wind instrument displaying wind speed and direction? Has the i60 Wind instrument been calibrated?
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