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Full Version: [CA11] MOB Keypad output?
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I've searched the ST290 manuals (Section 4, Chapter 3 is pretty thin on details) and forums (fora?) and cannot find any detailed guidance.

I have an ST 290 MOB Keypad, connected via Seatalk1 to my Raymarine ST6001+/400G AST autopilot. I had an RL80, which I've recently replaced with a B&G Zeus2. I've got both NMEA 0183 and ST to STng with an STng to NMEA 2000 cable coming out of the 400G, with which I can connect the SeaTalk stuff to the rest of my network.

I'm curious if the ST290 MOB Keypad generates any traffic on the NMEA 0183 outputs of the 400G, or if it generates any traffic on an ST to STng to N2K bridge/cable?

I've put my laptop on both the NMEA 0183 and N2K networks, at different times, and scanned the stream of stuff coming off the wire to see if anything looks like it might be coming from the MOB Keypad, but have not seen anything to pique my interest. Mind you, that's not to say there's nothing there, more that I'm not smart enough to know for what I'm looking.

Sure seems like it would be nice if there were some NMEA 0183 or 2000 traffic I could use, but if not, I'll likely just remove it and patch the resulting [censored].

Suggestions/guidance (please be anatomically feasible, and polite <grin>)?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum iduff,

The ST290 MOB Keypad was device which was designed to trigger a MOB event over a SeaTalk bus. When included within a system featuring a Raymarine chartplotting display or GPS display having a SeaTalk communications interface, the device woudl trigger a MOB event which would cancel any current navigation (i.e. Go To / Follow Route) and navigate to the coordinates of the MOB. While this device would stimulate Raymarine products via proprietary messaging. The ST290 MOB Keypad would not be able to support the feature which you are seeking in conjunction with a third party product.
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