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Full Version: [CA11] RayTech RNS Windows 10 options?
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I purchased boat with the C80 series MFD. I am now wanting to download more info such as waypoints, maps, etc in the RWF format. I startred with trying the RayTech RNS software then soon realized its not compatible with windows10 which is what I am using.
I searched old posts and read to find an old widows 7 system and use that. However my question is there any other way to transfer those type of files to my C80 CF card and my MFD unit read it?

Thanks for any advice !!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum quadman21,

Please note that the A/C/E-Series Classic MFDs are neither designed to support importing data from RWF files nor are they designed to support exporting data to RWF files. With regard to waypoint/route transfer, these MFDs are exclusively designed to support Raymarine's proprietary Archive.FSH file format. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing recommended PC planning software for these MFDs.
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