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Full Version: [CA11] fsh to gpx conversion issue
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Chuck this is the fsh file from my previous lighthouse version that im unable to convert into the newer gpx format with the program you linked in the other forum. any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Griff,

The FSH to GPX Converter Tool is not designed to support tracks. The Archive.fsh file which you have posted does not appear to have been created by a Raymarine MFD, as it appears to contain 28 tracks ... the processing of MFDs supporting the Archive.fsh file format only supported 10 tracks and the processing of MFDs supporting GPX file format only supports 15 tracks. I suspect that the FSH to GPX Converter Tool is stumbling on the tracks within your Archive.fsh file. What product (software or hardware) produced the Archive.fsh file which you have posted?
interesting. It's a raymarine e97 that hadn't been updated since 2012. I purchased it brand new. it was original lighthouse software that it comes with. are any of the way points on there? they are more important to me than the tracks

Yes, there are several waypoints. I used GPS Utility to delete your tracks from the Archive.fsh file and I was then able use the FSH to GPX Converter Tool to produce the attached GPX file.
Thanks Chuck I'll give it a try. I know I had over a hundred waypoints but any restored are better than none. Thanks
You're welcome.
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