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Full Version: [CA11] AIS 250 not showing target on E80
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Hello all,

I am sure that this have been discussed before, however I searched the forum and did not find any information specific to the E80 MFD,

The only article I found was written in 2016 by Chuck, in his article, he is explaining how to test the c series widescreen. I try to follow his step by step procedure to diagnose the issue, and the AIS is still not displaying any target. Here is what have done so far

The MFD is a E80 classic that I bought in 2008, the AIS 250 was bought at the same time and work flawlessy from 2008-2010, from 2011-2018 the boat was up north in a lake where there is no AIS target, at that moment I turn everything off for the AIS.

I am now in New-York, where I should have several target :), but I have none.

I verify the antenna and vhf reception is working
I look at the AIS 250 and I see the red led blinking a lot
I verify the continuity of each pin of the cable connected between MFD and AIS
I verify NMEA 0183 was set at the right speed
I turn on all AIS menu I can found on the MFD

The last thing I did was to check the nmea port buffer

I see transmit data,
but there is no receive data.

Did I forget to turn on something
Do you have any suggestion as to what to check next

Thank for your help
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