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Full Version: [DG] Autohelm 4000 interface w Garmin GPS48
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The back of the Garmin has a four plug pin, and transmits NMEA 0183 there is data in (white) and data out (brown).
How should I connect these to the Autohelm control head?
I see that the Seatalk part has seven pins. I would like to use them since I have wind instruments and the ST1000 as a backup Autopilot. Thank you.
Hi John,

Which model of AUtohelm 4000 are you referring to? ST4000 or the older Autohelm 4000?

To get NMEA0183 data out of the Garmin 4 pin plug to connect to an autopilot, you will need to use the Brown data out connection as the Data out +ve and the power supply 0 volts connection as the common Data out -ve. It sounds like this model from Garmin does not use the conventional NMEA0183 twin wire connection, just making use of the power supply -ve as data out -ve instead.
ST 4000, thank you
You're welcome.
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