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Full Version: [CA11] LH3 logging and exporting of log file
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Dear Raymarine devs,

I would like to suggest adding the following features with the goal to export the data for offline race sailing performance analysis:
1. Logging of NMEA sensor + GPS data over extended period of time (couple of hours to 2 days)
I have seen a similar request (from july 2017) for diagnostic purpose but I suppose that usage is somewhat limited in time:

2. Possibility to log all NEMA messages or decimated/filltered rates of 0.1s, 1s or 10s
3. Downloading of log file to portable device via SD card or preferably through Wifi or Bluetooth after race.
4. Finally bidirectional NEMA to WIFI gateway to enable realtime logging directly on PC using CAN file format. This will allow a software to provide realtime performance analysis by comparing current sensor data to polar data.

I am aware that devices allowing these features exist on the market but on a small sail boat with a small battery and limited budget having these features in the axiom 7 will be extremly usefull!

Thank you!
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum sailshade,

Thanks for the feature suggestions. They will be logged accordingly.

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