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Full Version: RS130 v RS150
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hi currently have axioms teamed up to an rs130 which seems to perform well...my question is i realize the rs150 is a more powerful option but if i upgraded to it what differences would i notice over the rs130 performance?
Hello Woodie7,

The RS150 is a great antenna and you would see the following improvements:
  • Faster acquisition of GPS fix from first power-up
  • More reliable GPS fix in adverse conditions (poor weather, obscured sky-view for the antenna, background RF noise)
  • Faster position and COG/SOG update rate (early RS130 software was 1 update per second, v3.03 software gave 5Hz update rate, RS150 is 10Hz)
  • More accurate GPS fix due to higher sensitivity and support for GLONASS and other GNSS systems (even without differential corrections here in Australia, 60 - 80cm accuracy is commonplace)

Thanks for the reply Tom
You're welcome.
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