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Full Version: [TG11] eS75 upgrade to Lighthouse 3
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Is there a FAQ that provides details of the pros and cons of upgrading my eS75 to Lighthouse 3?

Most importantly, would the eS75 be faster with Lighthouse 3?

Hello Wooly,

The detailed feature comparison at http://www.raymarine.com.au/software-upd...gs-series/ should answer most questions. In short, LH3 is faster but doesn't yet contain all the same features.

Thanks, Tom

I think that I will hold off on the upgrade for now ...

As a follow-up query, I have a Quantum radar connected via WiFi to the eS75 (also various other STNG-connected devices). Should the Quantum be powered on during the MFD upgrade or powered off and only connected later?
Would the WiFi connection need to be set up again after upgrading the MFD to LH3?

Obviously I am concerned that the connection to the radar may be lost and it would be infeasible to connect a cable to try to resolve any issues.

Hello Wooly,

It doesn't matter whether you have Quantum powered or not during an upgrade from LH2 to LH3. Normally you would want to have the Quantum powered so as to make sure that it gets upgraded itself, if there's an upgrade available, but the LH2-LH3 upgrade doesn't also do other products at the same time. Either before or after an upgrade to LH3 it would be good to do a 'Check online for updates' in order to make sure that the Quantum and other connected devices are up-to-date.

Quantum pairing is normally retained through anything except a Factory Reset, but I think that the upgrade to LH3 is an exception: I believe that the pairing will need to be re-done after that particular update, because it's a completely new operating system.

There shouldn't be any need to connect a network cable, but it would be a good plan to have the Quantum's Wifi setup info on hand. If you have trouble re-pairing after the software update completes, power-cycle both products (of course, never power off during the update process itself), I'm confident it will work fine after that.

Thanks again, Tom
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