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Full Version: Transducers location CPT100 & CPT200?
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Installing A98 MFD with the CPT-100 transducer as well as the CP200 sonar module with the CPT-200 sideview transducer. What is the best location to install the transducers on the transom? Would they interfere if placed side by side? Or best to place opposite sides? Directions show best to be on starboard side of outdrive, is this correct for both transducers? Outdrive is a Bravo 2. Lastly a recommendation to where to place sonar module? Boat is a 1999 Bayliner Cierra 2452. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Welcome to the Raymarine Technical Forum Va-Jim,

On vessels featuring a single outboard or outdrive having a right hand rotating prop, the CPT-100 should be installed on the starboard side of the transom. With respect to the CPT-200, please click here to view a FAQ addressing installing the CPT-200 to a transom which has already been fitted with a transom mounted transducer. Instruction manuals for installing the CPT-100 and CPT-200, including recommended locations may be found here. The CP200 should be mounted to a vertical bulkhead. Raymarine has made no further recommendations regarding where the CP200 should be mounted.
Thank you for your reply. A suggestion that was made also was to mount the CPT-200 higher on the transom to avoid the possible kick up at high speeds. Do you recommend this, and if so how much higher from bottom of transom? Just trying to drill once, thanks again.

Excessive force on the transducer is not generally a problem for most installations. However, should the boat regularly operate at very high speed, then you may want to consider installing the transducer in a manner such that it will not be performing as a skimming transducer. As indicated within the referenced FAQ, the CPT200 is designed for slow speed operation (i.e. when the boat is operating as a displacement hull rather than planing hull). The transducer will need to be installed sufficiently low on the transom such that it will remain immersed in water at the speed that SideVision will be used. The corresponding height that the transducer may be moved upward will be differ based on hull characteristics and speed of operation. To determine the mounting height may want to consider operating the boat the highest speed the you plan to utilize SideVision while having a crew member video the transom area with a cell phone. A better option may be to install a transducer mounting board (typically manufactured from Starboard) to the transom permitting the transducer to be tested at a number of different heights while limiting the holes drilled into the transom to those required to mount the transducer mounting board to the transom.
Thank you for replying. Guess I'll go with port side for CPT-200 and starboard side for the CPT-100. Assuming the port side will be fine at trolling speeds and not affect the display? Thanks-Jim

You're welcome.

Q: Assuming the port side will be fine at trolling speeds and not affect the display?
A: At such speeds, mounting the transducer on the port side of the transom should not adversely affect the sonar imaging.
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