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Full Version: [CA11] Openseamap on LH3
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Dear Developper team,

I found that it is possible on several other companies chartplotter to use free (open source) maps available here and they seem precise enough to be of value.

It is possible to download the files in several formats:
-navico (AT5) (Lowrance, Simrad, B&G)

I don't think it is currently possible to use open format charts on the axiom,
or is it possible to convert those to a currently supported file format?
Apparently they are also starting to add depth data in the developpment maps.

Thank you in advance for your reply and support.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum sailshade,

Thanks for the feature suggestion. Your feature request will be logged accordingly. That said, these charts appear to be a work in progress. The samples which I have seen posted thus far appear to be lacking a significant amount of detail. Of particular note is the fact that at the time of this response, OpenSeaMap charts lack depth information ... a critical safety feature of navigational charts.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2319]

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Dear Chuck,

I agree with you and apparently they are working on adding depth too.

About the level of details I suspect that some areas are more detailed than others.
I guess everyone would have to check for there own harbour..

I still see where it could be useful in cases like mine since I mostly sail on one lake.
but the other lakes in my area are on a separate commercialy available map which I don't think I will ever buy.

I guess some map (as long as it is accurate) is probably better than no map.
What does the axiom display when outside of a commercial map area? Does it have like a worldwide low resolution map or such?

And thank you for your reply.

When outside of the coverage area supported by the chart card(s) present within the MFD's memory card reader, the MFD will display one of three base world maps depending on the configured Chart Selection. These base world maps feature relatively little detail and are not intended for navigation. With regard to lake coverage, navionics has very good lake coverage in the US and Canada. Such coverage will vary per country. The Navionics Chart Viewer web page makes it easy to determine whether detailed cartography is available for not only coastal regions, but also for lakes and rivers. Those finding that the lake of interest is not presently included within Navionics cartography offerings are recommended to contact Navionics to request that the lake of interest be added to the Navionics cartography offerings.
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