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Full Version: [CA11] proAIS2 software
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I am using your proAIS2 software on my windows 10, Microsoft Surfacebook laptop. The system is connect via USB to Raymarine AIS 700.

Once connect i can not get the window to expand large enough to see everything offered by the software. I can expand the window left and right but not up or down. Is there a recommend visual setting for the software? i have tried to change a few things but nothing seems to help.

I hope my question is clear, if not please let me know and i can send some screen shots.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum nachothecat,

What have you set the display resolution to on your Microsoft Surface?
current resolution is 3000x2000. I tired it at the lowest setting but the software looked the same.

The ProAIS2 application is intended for use on PCs or Apple computer, not tablets. I would recommend that you try a resolution close to 1024x768 (or next increment higher) supported by your tablet. Should this not permit use of the ProAIS2 application, then it would be recommended that a PC be used in conjunction with the ProAIS2 application. A feature request will be logged to consider support for the Microsoft Surface platform within a future ProAIS2 application.

Please click here more information concerning product and feature suggestions.
Thanks for the response. Just a technical note. The Microsoft Surface Book is considered a full laptop computer and not a tablet.

I will try the changes you suggested as well as a different computer.
You're welcome.
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