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Full Version: [CA11] A-Series compatible with WI-FI radar
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Is the A-Series compatible with the Quantum WI-FI only radar?

What are the major differences between the ES Series and the A-Series?


Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Bob,

Please note that letter case is very important in identifying the model of MFD which you are referring to. Raymarine has produced two generations of A/a-Series MFDs. The long retired A-Series Classic MFDs (A50, A50D, A57D, A70, A70D) featured no Wi-Fi communications and will not support radar features. The a-Series MFDs (a6x, a7x, a9x, and a12x (x is 5, 7, or 8 to identify what type of internal fishfinder sonar circuitry (if any) has been built into the MFD)) support radar features when interfaced to a compatible radar transducer. The a6x and a7x MFDs were offered in lower cost versions which did not feature Wi-Fi communications circuitry. All a9x and a12x MFD feature Wi-Fi communications circuitry. Both a-Series MFDs and eS-Series MFDs are each designed to run LightHouse II software and will essentially support the same feature when similarly accessorized. The a-Series MFDs feature a touchscreen only interface, while the eS-Series MFDs feature a HybridTouch interface. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing what differentiates the a, c, e, and eS-Series MFDs from one another. Please click here to view a FAQ addressing when a HybridTouch interface or RMK-9/10 recommended.
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