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Full Version: [CA11] Sea talk Gateway physical installation question
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I successfully connected my new Sea talk gateway to my Tack Tick micronet network and to my ST2000 plus auto pilot. It was extremely easy to setup.

My question is in regards to the physical installation of the gateway. The instructions call for mounting horizontally with the arrow pointing either forward or backwards but not to the side of the boat.

My sea trial was sailing using my wind instrument and autopilot under wind control with the gateway loose on the bottom of the cockpit. I tested every possible position with no impact on performance.

I would like to understand why it needs to be mounted horizontally and pointing forward when it woul be more useful to be mounted vertically and beside my wind instrument. With a vertical position I would be able to monitor the status led from the cockpit.

I almost did not purchase this gateway because of the mounting position.
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Like most antennas, the orientation (along its x, y, and z axis) of the antenna matters with respect to maximizing the strength of the signal received. The MicroTalk Wireless Gateway is no different in this regard. The specified mounting orientation is intended to maximize the strength of the signal received by the gateway. Horizontal orientation also ensured that the gateway's SeaTalkng socket is oriented downward to maximize its protection against water intrusion.
Thank you for your reply,

As per the instruction to connect to MicroNet, I linked the gateway with my wind instrument that will be just a few inches apart. Now knowing the gateway is an antenna with no other sensors (requiring horizontal mounting), wireless reception will not be a problem.

I plan to mount the gateway on the same panel side by side with all my Tack Tick instruments. One big advantage over mounting horizontally is that I will be able to monitor the signal indicating LED from the cockpit.
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