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Full Version: [CA11] i70s and rudder angle gauge display not available
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My i70s won't allow me to set up a display with a rudder angle gauge on it. I can select the numerical rudder angle, and that works fine and shows data, but the two different "gauge" displays for rudder angle are grayed out and if I try to select them it beeps angrily at me.

I have an S1 autopilot with rudder position sensor attached to it, running SeaTalk1 to two ST50+ (wind and depth) and the ST6001+ autopilot head. Depth/Wind/Speed transducers are connected to an ITC-5, which is connected to the i70s and to the ST6001+ via a SeatalkNG-Seatalk1 junction.
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum tmarks11,

While the i70/i70S MFIDs are designed to repeat instrument, compass, and rudder data from a marine electronics system, the MFIDs will only calibrate and set alarms for instrument, compass, and rudder transducers which are directly connected to an iTC-5 or instrument pod. In systems featuring an autopilot, compass and rudder reference transducers should be interfaced directly to the autopilot to ensure proper operation of the autopilot. Correspondingly, any calibration of these transducers must be performed via the autopilot's control head.

My question is why I can't make the i70s display the "rudder angle gauge". It is grayed out as a selection when adding a new display.

It displays the numerical rudder position just fine.

When grey shading of data items is intended to indicate that the data item's graphic cannot be displayed within the shape/dimensions of the data cell which you are attempting to populate. Try configuring the i70/i70S to display a single data item and then populate it with the rudder data item.
That worked great, but...

I did a firmware update of the i70s to the latest firmware, and it worked great (including a single display screen with rudder angle indicator).

I then had to do a factory reset of the i70s to get it to communicate SOG from new Axiom pro 9 I just installed. When going to set up display screens again, I found that the Rudder Angle display can no longer be added in a"single data item" display... it only now works with a 4 data (two horizontal large and two small display)... and the data in the compressed format is no longer as useful.

Is there something wrong, or did Raymarine decide to do away with allowing the rudder angle in a single display screen.

Q. Is there something wrong, or did Raymarine decide to do away with allowing the rudder angle in a single display screen.
A. There are several Rudder graphical data items, please check the last one listed.
No need. I am an idiot. Apparently there are now THREE angle displays available. Two fit in the smaller windows on the divided screen, and the third fits in the large window. I just didn't scroll down far enough (the first six times I tried it) to find the right size gage.

thanks, this forum rocks!

Thanks for the follow-up. I'm glad to learn that you located the additional rudder angle data items.
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