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Full Version: [CA11] 3rd party software on Axiom LH3
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Is it possible to add 3rd party software to the Axiom / LH3?
It's nice that Netflix is there, but I'd like to see Amazon Video added. Is there a way to do this myself?
I'd say more people have Amazon Prime then Netflix...
Welcome back to the Raymarine Forum DSMINVA,

Unfortunately, it is not possible for end users to install apps into LightHouse 3 software. That said, your feature request will be logged accordingly to be considered for inclusion within a future LightHouse 3 software update. In a quick check, one source indicated a 4.27% share for Netflix vs a 12.99% share for Amazon ( https://csimarket.com/stocks/competition...&code=NFLX ).

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Chuck, the Axiom is running on Android right? So in theory Raymarine could *possibly* include anything android based in future LH offerings?

Unlike other Android based platforms, Raymarine's Axiom, Axiom Pro, and Axiom XL MFDs are not designed to be an open platform on which end users may install third party Android applications. Raymarine will be adding apps throughout the development life cycle of the LightHouse 3 operating system. Such applications will be fully tested to ensure compatibility with the LightHouse 3 operating system. Should a customer desire to have a specific application, such as that which you have previously referenced, added to the list of supported applications, then this is the mechanism to do so.
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