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Full Version: [CA11] e127 Databar Issue
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I customized my databar some time ago and added "Heading" as one of the cells. Boat was not used for 6 months. Recently tried it and seemed to work fine except when using GO TO for a waypoint no data would appear in the "Heading" cell in the databar. Had to use COG to navigate. Tried a soft reset to no avail. Can you help? Thanks Andy
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Andy,

Please note that MFDs are not capable of calculating heading. However, MFDs equipped with an internal GPS sensor or have been interfaced to an external GPS sensor, either of which has obtained a GPS position FIX will be able to calculate COG when the vessel is moving over 2kts. Heading is typically supplied to the system via an autopilot, instrument (ex. Airmar Weather Station, etc.), GPS compass, or gyrocompass. If interfaced to any of the above, the source is operational, and the communications path is operational (in the case a SeaTalkng / NMEA 2000 network, ensure that the backbone is powered). Should you have satisfied the above listed items and the problem persists, then please identify the make/model of device which is supplying heading data to your system, identify how it has been interfaced to the system, and identify any fault isolation which you have performed.
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