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Full Version: [CA11] Which Evo for Simrad RPU300 hydraulic pump
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I currently have a Simrad autopilot that I’d like to upgrade to Raymarine but keep the existing pump. I can’t determine from the charts whether I need an ACu-300 or 400. The RPU300 stats are:

Hydraulic Ram Capacity: 17.7-58.5cu.in. (290-960cc)
Maximum Pressure: 60 BAR
Dimensions: 9 1/16"L x 3 15/16"W x 4 13/16"H
Amperage: 3.5-10A @ 24V
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum Tim,

While it is possible that the ACU-400 may be used with the specified third party drive unit, I will need to know the capacity of the vessel's steering ram in order to properly advise.

The steering arm is a Macron MC 80x9 which appears to have 21.15 Cu in displacement. Is that the spec you need? I've attached the spec sheet.


Given the capacity of the steering ram an ACU-400 would be required for the Evolution autopilot system.
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