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Full Version: [TG11] no seatalk from a128
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Hi all,

I recently took a lightning strike and replaced my autopilot with a new ev-200. My a128 mfd seemed to be fine, but when I add it to the network it only sees itself. It is odd as the data it gets from my vhf/ais radio shows the ais targets but there is nothing coming through ST ng.

I have a similar issue with the i70 instrument, but when I hook that in to the system the autopilot head shows no autopilot and the ev-1 goes into red blink which is no seatalk. I am pretty sure this is toast.

The a128 will obviously operate but can not integrate into the ev-200 since it can not be seen on the network. (if i do a diagnostic - select device from the p70s it does not see the a128)

So is there another way to be able to pass data or get this thing fixed? It seems a shame if I have to replace just because of the networking.

It sounds like your a128's CANbus (STNG/NMEA2000) transceiver chipset has been damaged by the lightning strike. The NMEA2000 network is a common path for electrostatic discharges to travel around the boat.

You should be able to get the a128 back to your nearest Raymarine service centre to be repaired (probably a CPU board replacement) rather than being replaced completely.

Thanks Tom, will they also be able to fix i70 and ITC-5 or are should I just replace? Also, how do I find where my local repair center is? I am in FL USA.
Thanks. I am going to send back the a128 as well as the i70 and itc-5 that are all showing the same issues.

You can book the repair into our NH service centre at http://www.raymarine.com/display/?id=779. I'd contact them directly with questions about that if you have them because I'm in Australia and don't have all the answers.

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