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Full Version: [CA11] Peripheral Device Software Update from gS with LH3
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I recently updated a gS system to lighthouse 3.7.70. The file I received from the download only contained the update for the display and no peripheral devices, unlike the Axiom LH3 software and older LH2. How do I update the EV-1 and other devices from the gS? Can I use the complete software from axiom LH3 and make sure the display doesn't update, or just remove that file from the drive all together?
Thanks for the help!

Indeed, you may simply download the latest LightHouse 3 software for Axiom MFDs, as it contains the .iso files for the peripherals which may be updated via a MFD running LH3 software. After inserting the microSD memory card containing the software update files, into the MFD's reader, you may need to command the MFD to check the card for updates (HOME->SETTINGS->GETTING STARTED->UPDATE SOFTWARE->CHECK CARD FOR UPDATES).
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