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Full Version: [CA11] Low/High Frequency Transducer Option for Axiom DV
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I recently purchased an Axiom 7 DV and would like to purchase a thru hull transducer. I troll on Lake Michigan and won't require the downvision functionality and just looking for the best quality sonar.

I have found the CPT-S High Chirp Sonars but these won't allow for a 50/83hz frequency setting.

Will the CPT-S perform in 300-500 feet of water and still mark fish at all depths? I would be interested in the E70341. I believe this is a direct plug and play for the Axiom 7 DV.

Are there any 50/200hz transducers that will work with the Axiom 7, with or without an adapter cable?
Welcome to the Raymarine Forum rengnath,

Please click here to view a FAQ addressing this subject. Any of the 50kHz/200kHz transducers found here may be adapted for use with an Axiom DV MFD. That said, the maximum depth performance of these transducers has been found to be better in some conditions when mated to CP370 Fishfinder Sounder Module. If opting for the latter, it would typically be recommended that an Axiom MFD, rather than an Axiom DV MFD be selected as a means of offsetting the cost of the CP370.
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