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Full Version: [DG] Raymarine C127 (third generation)
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Hi All,

First post on this website

I have a Raymarine system being installed on my yacht
I70 Screens on deck and C127 chart plotter below linked via the Backbone

Question -
I want to replace the radar as currently I am using a very old Raymarine system which is a standalone product.

Would the RD218 offer me compatibility or do I need the quantum system to get the best out of my chart plotter - I am looking mainly for an overlay but running AIS so mainly for a back up.

I know the RD218 can plug straight in to the back of my C127 having looked through some internet documents but confirmation would be useful

Any help would be useful

Thanks again

Hi Nick,

Thankyou for your enquiry.

The Digital RD218 or Quantum will both operate with your c127, you should also take this opportunity to update the software in the c127 as Quantum will not operate with software versions below version 17 - we are currently up to version 19 for the c127.

Both radar will offer overlay and AIS target display features.
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